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Reign Of Blood is a free vampire themed text based roleplaying game, set in a world of vampiric chaos. Tons of game, roleplay and community features. Create your free vampire and start your legacy and leave your mark in our world.

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Looking for the worlds best free online text based vampires game? ReignOfBlood is a 100% free online text based game which takes place in a world of vampiric chaos. Complete quests & achievements, explore cities, train & fight your enemies, join a coven and take part in site-wide wars, create your own profile & loads more. Be part of our huge active community. We're voted the best vampire themed online game, so come and satisfy your need for blood. We strive in giving you a unique vampire game experience.

Vampire Game Highlights
  • 114 online vampires
  • 24 new vampires today
  • 42 new vamps yesterday
  • PvP/PvE battles
  • Pet fight tournaments
  • Explore many cities
  • Many unique quests
  • Achievements
  • Active forum & chat
  • Live roleplay features
  • Monthly competitions
  • Train, battle & explore
  • Unique trading features
  • Unique coven wars
  • & so much more
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